Our tale is yet to be told

Our History


Instead of looking back to the past, we choose to exist in the present – with each day, a new page of Madam Me is written. All great stories possess a theme – and for Madam Me, that theme is respect. Respect has always existed proudly as the foundation of our core values. Our hearts beat defiantly to its tune as we continue to establish Madam Me as standing for something simple yet eternally relevant: Empowering women of all walks to embrace and explore their natural beauty. With Madam Me, we sought to create a space where everyone who entered felt welcomed, valued, appreciated, and empowered – and that is exactly what we have done. Respect radiates from every member of our team as well as from each corner of our soothing Sloane Avenue setting. Respect defines the underlying soul of all we do – from providing exceptional customer service and delivering leading-quality beauty treatments to creating the warmest, most welcoming atmosphere for our deeply valued clients.

Ultimately, our story does not matter. The tale that matters is yours – and we are here to help you tell it.

HydraFacial in Chelsea
Madam Me Salon

London’s HydraFacial Revolution:

Is your London lifestyle leaving your skin dull and lackluster? Do you crave a radiant, revitalized complexion but feel overwhelmed by all the skincare options out there? Look no further than the HydraFacial, a revolutionary treatment taking the London beauty scene by storm!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always seem to possess that flawless, red-carpet glow? Well, wonder no more!