7 Fun and Fabulous Tips to Keep Your Hair Full and Fluffy All Day!

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Your hair is the crown you will never want to take off of your head! Good or bad, long or short, thin or thick, black or blonde, it is your prized possession, passed down to you by your mom or dad genetically. But let’s face it you’ve got a pretty face, perfect jawline, flawless skin, immaculate vital stats, pricey accessories, expensive outfits, sexy heels and all the bells and whistles, but your thin hair can still make you go unnoticed or sneakily sabotage your looks. As simple as that! After all, not every girl is lucky to be blessed with Filipina-like hair. The majority of them including those iconic divas have to put in so much effort to not let their flimsy hair kill their hard-earned look every day before stepping out of their house. And why don’t they? Hair can make or break your appearance before you know it!

If you are reading this blog probably you’re already tired of your hair falling flat faster than a popped balloon. So get ready to say goodbye to those lifeless locks and hello to hair that’s full of volume and fun! Yes, we’re spilling the beans on some creative and playful tips to help you keep your hair looking big and beautiful from morning ’til night. There you go with these 5 easy-breezy quick hacks to turn up the volume and unleash your inner hair goddess!

1. Shake It Up, Baby!

Tease, tease, tease! Teasing isn’t just for old-school bouffants – it’s a secret weapon to get instant volume in a wink! Grab a teasing comb or brush and gently backcomb sections of your hair at the roots. Don’t like the frizz? Wait, you’re not done yet. Smooth the top layer over to conceal the teasing and voila – instant lift and va-va-voom volume!

2. Seize the Tease

Bid the boring hair routines adieu with shake-and-shimmy styling! Before blow-drying, flip your hair upside down and give it a good shake to lift those roots and slay your friends at the party like Billie Eilish at the Oscars! It’s easy to guess that her layers were given both the round-brush-blowout treatment and the velcro roller treatment to accomplish such a body. Embrace your inner rockstar and let your hair dance to its own tunes!

3. Hey Curly Girly!

Who says curls are just for special occasions? If you are a curl hater, you sure will fall in love with your soft wavy hair. All you have to do is embrace your natural texture or clutch your trusty curling wand and do some magic to turn your flat tresses into playful spirals. Trust me, these twists not only add bounce and body, but they also help to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Cue the hair flip. And yes, before you enter the world of curls, remember to use Oribe’s heat protector. Your hair will thank you later and you, us! Your hair is delicate and heat can harm them so easy does it! You will be surprised to see how this heat-styling spray works like a charm even on the worst-behaved tresses while speeding dry time. Not just that it also betters split ends, nourishes, softens and strengthens the hair, giving it a healthy body and polish.

4. Channel Your Inner Unicorn

Add weightless volume and lift from the roots by simply sprinkling some volumising powder or dry shampoo into your roots. Channel your inner unicorn and shake it like you mean it to distribute the product evenly. Bonus points for colourful packaging that adds a pop of fun to your styling routine! The Oribe texturising root-lift powder instantly adds a buildable grip and style. The zero-mess sprayer is heavenly for an amplified updo and dramatic volume.

5. Say Yes to Mess and Tousle Away!

Embrace the bedhead look by tousling your hair with your fingers and scrunching it up for a tousled, textured finish. Spritz with some hairspray to lock in the volume and you’re ready to rock the day – messy hair, don’t care! 

Easier said than done, you may say! Yes, the procedure is, of course, time-consuming and needs you to be patient and good with hot hair tools. The mess can be fabulous if done duly in no rush. Here’s how you can achieve that perfectly imperfect tousled wavey look like celebrities. Reach your bad hair day (4th day after wash), slightly damp and towel dry it gently or sprinkle some dry shampoo all over your hair followed by a run-through detangling primer spray before tousling to get rid of any excess oil and give extra shine and voof while your curling rod is heating up. Choose a texturising mousse, sea salt spray, or hair oil that suits your hair type to take the tousled effect a notch above and bless your mess. One rule of thumb here – use all your hair sprays from a distance to cover a wider area. You know why! After the care comb your hair. Hope you have chosen your hair brush wisely. Okay so it’s time to divide your hair into manageable sections, so it’s easier to work with. You want to clutch half of your hair up and start with the hidden layers. Now wrap your hair section by section around the curling iron (each not bigger than the width of the hot tool) in the middle leaving a good 3 inches out of the bottom without going all the way to roots. Unclamp the iron and let the spiral free fall. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired look. Once done, let your tousled hair set. With a slow natural air dry or a fast diffuser (on low heat), your call!

7. Play with Accessories

You can go the whole nine yards to get the hair of your dreams but probably you are too lazy to go to the salon even four blocks away or spend hours hairstyling at home under your own steam. But the good news for you time-poor ladies is – that you still can reach from that “oh-no” to “wow” moment with some easy-to-use playful accessories. Not only do they add a touch of fun to your look, but they also help to lift the hair at the roots and keep it in place all day long. Hello, instant volume and style! Think anti-flat hair additions like headbands, scarves, foam buns, hair clips, clip-in fringes, wigs and hair extensions. I know adding height to up-dos with a headband is a great idea but the latter is my fave! After all what better way of getting thick hair with natural-looking volume that lasts (like these celebs) than incorporating extensions?! And brownie points for the coloured ones! We all know what those cruel hair colours and chemicals do to our submissive hair but we still love the streaks of hues playing hide and seek with the soft breeze?! So add some flair to your hair with extravagant accompaniments and enjoy your special day guilt-free.

8. Flip It and Reverse It

Will you believe me if I say, it’s possible to add volume and lift to your hair in a heartbeat? You have to. Because, it is, sure as eggs is eggs! Flipping and reversing your hair is a tried-and-true trick to instantly add volume and lift to it. All you have to do to create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair is brush your them, change up your parting and Fanny’s your aunt. Experiment with side parts, middle parts, or even zigzag parts. The possibilities are endless – if you wear your creative hats and let your hair be your canvas!

My Two Cents

Whether you have hair like Max Black and Caroline Channing in Two Broke Girls, you are charming in your own way. That’s what every female is! (BTW, I really loved Caroline’s mind-blowing hair makeover in the subsequent seasons!). Just take a very good care of your hair and you may avoid frequent salon visits. Eat healthily, buy only good brands, don’t fall for discounted products or too-good-to-be-true deals, keep yourself from hair enemies like PPD aka black henna, get regular hair spa, apply hair-friendly, protein-rich products such as aloe vera, curd and other home-made chemical-free hair masks or ones from Oribe and last but not least don’t say “no” to oil massage before head wash. Speaking of which, pure olive, almond, rosemary and castor oils are your hair’s BFFs as they not just stimulate hair growth but also thicken every single strand forever and a day. And yes, sometimes all you need to pass through the hair loss period is – to be optimistic and smile when you spot those flyways. We all hate those flyways! And you can’t do anything if you’re suffering from intense hair fall except take a good hair-fall treatment. But the silver lining in the dark cloud is that at least your hair follicles are still fertile to produce new hair strands. Think of those who don’t have any hair to shed, sad!


With these creative and delightful tips up your sleeve, you’ll never have to worry about flat hair again! Whether you’re shaking it up, teasing it out, or embracing the mess, there’s no limit to the volume and fun you can achieve with your hair. So go ahead, unleash your inner hair goddess and let your locks reach new heights of fabulousness! Get in touch with Madam Me for the best hair products in Dubai.

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