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Discover your unique beauty and invite your inner charm to shine bright

Madam Me isn’t just a beauty salon. We exist to celebrate a culture of grace, style, and – most importantly – the natural inner beauty that exists within each of us, so that it may enrich our everyday lives!

Redefining the salon experience

At Madam Me, we gaze deep within to fulfill your being with the same respected aura of the traditional address –“Madam.” This address represents a woman of high sophistication, who is the revered epitome of beauty and elegance. Madam Me strives to create and curate an atmosphere of warmth and kindness that empowers you to embrace and explore your Inner Madam. In each of us, she is ready to be seen...

Confident, worthy, elegant – that’s the Madam Me Experience

Every Madam Me client deserves to exist in a state of absolute confidence, beauty and comfort within their own skin. Allow us to introduce your most beautiful self. Our salon team is ready and waiting to unearth and empower your unique inner beauty – to introduce you to your Inner Madam so that you may shine as only you can…
Our team of award-winning stylists, therapists, and technicians are at your service. They possess not only exceptional talent but an unwavering dedication to exceeding your expectations. They will collaborate with you to define your unique vision and curate a treatment plan that elevates your natural beauty at our premium beauty salon in Chelsea, London.

Madam Me Salon: Your Exclusive Hair and Beauty Salon in Chelsea, London

At Madam Me Salon, a premium hair and beauty salon in Chelsea - London, beauty is a bespoke experience. The moment you step into our opulent Sloane Avenue location, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury. Indulge in a selection of exquisite refreshments and delectable treats as your dedicated concierge guides you through your personalized treatment journey at our hair & beauty salon in Chelsea.


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We are thrilled that you wish to embark on a journey to inner and outer beauty with Madam Me – it is a privilege to be part of your journey and we cannot wait to welcome you.

Connecting with us could not be simpler – just fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you promptly. We cannot wait to hear from you and begin the process of helping you feel more confident, beautiful and empowered than ever.

The Epitome of Luxury Beauty Awaits on Sloane Avenue, waiting to pamper you!

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Madam Me is changing the face of beauty – join us

Our passionate collective is united in purpose: to unearth the Madam within all women and guide them to worlds of shining beauty! Beauty is about far more than the end result – it is a journey, and we are here to guide you along each step.

So why not stop by and experience our bold take on unapologetic elegance?

Not just any salon…

Madam Me is a celebration in charming style – a mesmerizing melting pot where beauty, respect and intellect align to unearth your Inner Madam. Embark on a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary. Perhaps you seek a cut and color by a renowned stylist at a premium hair and beauty salon in Chelsea, London, or a relaxing massage to unwind after a busy week. Whatever your desires, Madam Me curates a personalized path to unveil your full potential.

Begin your transformative journey with Madam Me today.


Not just any salon…